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About Literature / Hobbyist Regina AngelFemale/United States Group :iconxxgermanyxreaderxx: xXGERMANYxREADERXx
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Some laughs and stories for ya!


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An Original Sword of Vaelen ( online~… mine~ no sry i left my camera in the car so i'll upload the photo of Vaelena tomorrow :) )

really gross tasting M&Ms

a pair of fur gloves from Russia that smell like perfume AND old lady

myself :icondignitylaughplz:

The coat that I wore when I slaughtered some chickens(it still has blood on it!! XD)

hmm... what is that... erm... OOH! My sister's j-14 magazing featuring all the best gossip and twilight posters plus reasoning on why 2011 eas the BEST.YEAR.EVER.
Wait a sec, what?

UBS cord.

Hey, look! It's my succus drinky from  my last karate promotion that was a... few weeks... ago...
*Succus~Juice in latin, my dad makes me a mixture of water, soda and juice and we've always called it a succus drinky! Pronounced s-ooh-k-uss drink-ee X3*

Hmm... The sock I took off last night...

Hmm... That's cold-sorry Vaelena-wait Vaelena, you don't have round edges-WHAT THE FUCK IS IN MY BED!?
oh, hehe, it's... just my extra flahslight, hehe!

My laptop, of course!

Rexy, my stuffed Dinasour~

One fingerless, purple and black glove. *sniff* only one. All alone...

A bottle of... RUBBING ALCOHOL!?!?
Why, vaelena, we MUST speak about this!
Hold on, no, never mind I was cleaning my ears, duh~

A used tissue...  
  • Mood: Excited
  • Listening to: Carold of the Ancient Ones, Dagon, Byzantine Chant
  • Eating: M&amp;Ms
  • Drinking: old and crumby succus drinky!


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Regina Angel
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
:iconreginavargas::iconsaysplz:Ciao! I am the long lost vargas sister!
:iconxxcool-angelxx::iconsaysplz:Hey, I'm Angel. My character is Verina, Germany and Prussia's lil' sis, but i'm usually out of character. Unlike miss 'gorgeous doll dove' over here!
:iconreginavargas::iconsaysplz:*giggles*Hey! Just because he's your older brother doesn't mean you have the right to share a ton of information about him... like his girlfriend's pet name...
:iconxxcool-angelxx::iconsaysplz:Whatever. We are here to share Germany's love together because we love him and know YOU all love him too! ok?
:iconreginavargas::iconsaysplz:Well said.
:iconreginavargas::iconsaysplz:If you'd like to send a request, you can just... send us a note, i guess!
:iconxxcool-angelxx::iconsaysplz:BUT we only do Germany.
:iconreginavargas::iconsaysplz:But I do Germany, not you-
:iconxxcool-angelxx::iconsaysplz:wha-THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT! *sniffle* oh god *cough* i'm picturing some nasty stuff... ugh...
:iconreginavargas::iconsaysplz:*wink*nasty enough for our first story?
:iconxxcool-angelxx::iconsaysplz:*freezes, thinking about it*Ok, write this down.


:iconreginavargas:~Got anything to tell us? ask us? just curious what our e-mail is?
for whatever motive you have, here is the e-mail:
:iconreginavargas:~Grazie! Ciao!


pictures by: miimiiakatsuki, KT-Chewy, & vampiricwolfgirl

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